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The Curse of Strahd

We begin our tale by introducing The Gentlemen Bastards, an adventuring guild led by the intrepid Captain Hurst. Their latest quest, exterminating a troll menace, will lead them to the cursed land of Barovia - a realm of perpetual darkness, enclosed in a deadly mist, ruled by a tyrant out of nightmares.

Chapter 1; Into the Creeping Mist

Chapter 2; Omens and Portents

Chapter 3; Stealing the Bones

Chapter 4; One Elf Spies, Another Dies

Chapter 5; The Devil and a Madman

Chapter 6; Senseless Destruction

Chapter 7; The Time-Traveling Cowboy

Chapter 8; The Trail Goes Cold

Chapter 9; Dark Sacrifices

Chapter 10; The Order of the Silver Wolf

Chapter 11; New Hire Orientation

Chapter 12; What Rotten Luck

Chapter 13; Return to the Amber Temple

Chapter 14; More Like Curse of Slaad

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Main Page

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