Chapter 8; The Trail Goes Cold

<Within Castle Ravenloft…>

Winston crept around the castle towers and found the Tome of Strahd, learning the history of Strahd. See it here. He also stumbled onto the place Strahd keeps his crown, assuming it must be worth millions of gold pieces. He also found the Heart of Sorrow that protects Strahd from harm.

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He rigged an explosion and set the fuse, then returned to the magic brazier on the dungeon level and used it to escape the castle. He found  himself in the town of Vallaki and moments later, heard the explosion off to the east.


Elyadra went her own way, she purchased a Vistani potion to allow her to leave Barovia, so she could return with the means to bring Ireena back to life and lift the curse on poor Stella Wachter. The catch was that the potion was also poisoned. So she had to leave Barovia and return before succumbing to it. She reached the wall of mist around Strahd's domain and found that a door shaped hole in the mist was waiting for her. She went through and found herself on a sand dune near a port city that bore a yellow flag.

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She find out this place is called Okeno (run by pirate kings and its main trade is slavery) and quickly seeks out the temple district finding it full of gods she's never heard of. She chose a temple a Pharasma (The Lady of Graves, goddess of brith, death, fate and prophecy) because that sounded most promising. She got what she needed and the clergy also sheltered her when a slaver came looking for her. Outside, she had another run in with a slaver. He asks if he can see her owner's mark. She told him that she has no owner and never would. The man chuckled about how lucky he was to find this unclaimed beauty. Elyadra kicked the slaver and jumped onto her horse. A chase ensued, the slaver and his minions fell into a bunch of shit when a manure cart overturned. Elyadra made it back to Barovia and to the antidote then proceeded to dig up Ireena's body.

Winston and Kylar followed Nit Snow, tracking the rogue necromancer, Sauron. First, they go to visit an acquaintance of the wizard - the dusk elf Kasimir Velikov. They find Kasimir dead in his home, his ring and spellbook missing. Nit Snow, who was quite desperate to stop the wizard before he reaches the Amber Temple, vows to go on alone for he had come back through time to prevent their deaths there. But, Winston and Kylar insist on helping him. They make for the Tsolenka Pass, a treacherous climb up Mount Ghakis. They encounter terribly cold winds. They must pass a gate made of green flame, Nit came prepared with blankets. He poured water all over them and everyone wrapped up in these before passing through. They tried to push on but the weather became threatening. They reached an abandoned guard tower and Nit confessed he couldn't go another step and urged them to rest in the tower until morning. They do. Nit starts a fire, they notice him coughing pretty badly.  Winston and Kylar search the upper floors then come back to rest in warmth. The next day they find that Nit has passed away. Winston takes his gun and hat (he had lost his hat back in the castle). Rather than bury him (Winston said he couldn't bury himself, it'd just be wrong), they wrap him in one of the blankets and leave him in the tower with the intention of coming back here on the return trip. They cross a bridge over a huge gorge. In the distance they hear the caw of some huge bird, like dragon-sized. They see Strahd standing on it. Both Winston and Kylar are exhausted and cold and in no shape to face him. They quickly discover it is just an illusion, a grim warning not to approach the temple. On the other side they have to walk along this narrow tract that hugs the cliff face.

They hear a chanting, "Sangzor, Sangzor, Sangzor" and a roll of drums as a 9 foot tall goat rounds the corner ahead of them.

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Winston shot at it, Kylar tried to blind it with the light of the sunsword. Then it charged Kylar (who was standing out front) and he and Sangzor went over the ledge.

Chapter 8; The Trail Goes Cold

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