Chapter 1; Into the Creeping Mist

<The following is an excerpt from the journal of  Winston, gunslinger and member of The Gentlemen Bastards.>

Our first task was to slay a troll tormenting a village, we came across the bridge where he dwells. We baited the beast out and made quick work of the damned thing. Afterwards, we snuck into his lair and gathered up as much treasure as we could and divided it amongst ourselves.

It was an eerie evening in this thick forest, we set up camp just beyond the trees. As the elves meditated and the mysterious man stood watch, I turned in for the night. I woke to the campfire raging and a thick fog rolling in. The forest seemed different, we traveled through fog and reached a large wall with headless statues standing guard. The large gate was cracked open. We entered and kept down the path. 

Along the path we found a dead man in the mud, with a letter. This land is cursed by a monster, and my party is now on the hunt. We came across a village that looks very rundown. We came across a house, there is a grieving woman sobbing. The others investigated the house.

I went looking for answers in the town inn. I stop in for a drink, I meet a woman with blond hair down to her thighs, she introduces me to her sisters – who look nothing like her. The seem very well-off, and look more lively than the other villagers. The other party members seem to be making friends, I don't trust a soul here. I'm starting to feel anxious, clutching my weapon under my coat. 

The burgomaster's son takes us to his manor to help him get his cursed sister out of this land. The manor is surrounded by wolf tracks, and the door is thrashed by claw marks.

We go to the cemetery to bury this sorry bastard's father, the rain is the heaviest I've seen. I can't wait to encounter one of these beasts and put a bullet between its eyes, so I can get a closer look at these demonic monsters. We stop in the church, the old man running the place has lost it. He has his son locked up in there. I believe he has the same curse as the woman. They both have been bitten in the neck. I think the only thing that can save them is death. I won't hesitate to blow any of these people away if their hunger gets the best of them. They need to hurry up, this place gives me the creeps.

We become surrounded by wolves and a dark figure approaches.

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I call out to have him show himself. He claims that he is the woman's destiny. The paladin tries to ward him off, but fails. The demon can't seem to enter the churchyard without an invitation – he has taken control of Kylar. I put a bullet between the demon's eyes, and it didn't even phase him. 

When an explosion rocks the castle above, the demon evaporates into the mist…

Chapter 1; Into the Creeping Mist

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