Victor Vallakovich

Killed by Elyadra in Chapter 6.


Alignment: Neutral Evil


Elyadra met Victor Vallakovich, by stumbling upon his hidden room in the Vallakovich mansion. He is the son of Baron Vargas Vallakovich. Victor was very excited to meet a fellow magic-user. He was full of questions, but Elyadra managed to get some answers of her own. She learned that Victor hates his father and that neither apparently serve Strahd. Victor is working on a high-level teleportation circle spell, but can’t seem to get it right. He wishes to use this spell to leave Barovia forever. He admitted to accidentally killing two of the servants in attempts to use the spell. When Victor learned that Elyadra couldn’t help him complete the teleportation circle, he tried to quietly do away with her.
Following the death of his father, Victor tracked Elyadra down. On the night of the Festival of the Blazing Sun, he attacked Elyadra with fireballs and skeletal cats. Unfortunately for Victor, one of Lady Wachter’s followers came to her aid. Victor was killed and beheaded by Elyadra.

Victor Vallakovich

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