This demure, young woman is not what she seems


Alignment: unknown


Galinndan met Vasilka while she was being taught the finer points of etiquette by The Abbot of St. Markovia abbey in Krezk.
The Abbot intended to offer Vasilka as a gift to Strahd in an effort to release both the vampire and the land of Barovia from the curse.
In response to Strahd’s rejection, the Abbot violently attacked Vasilka. Enraged, she turned on him, a meek and deferential slave no longer, she killed him. After feasting on his flesh, she proceeded to release the rest of the Abbot’s prisoners.
Vasilka allowed the Gentleman Bastards to escape the abbey with their lives, but warned them that the fate of the people of Krezk has been sealed. For she and the Abbot’s mongrelfolk will be fed.


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