The Martikov Family

Owners of the Blue Water Inn and Wizard of Wines Winery


Alignment: varies


The Blue Water Inn is Vallaki’s main gathering place for locals, especially at night. The innkeeper, the Martikovs, consider the inn a sanctuary from the evils of this land.
Danika Martikov runs the bar, while her husband, Urwin, works the kitchen. Their two sons, Brom and Bray, work the stables and can either be found roughhousing or doing various chores around the inn.
With Rictavio’s help, The Gentlemen Bastards discovered that the “nest of ravens” mentioned in Madam Eva’s tarroka reading referred to the Blue Water Inn, possibly because the exterior is always covered in swarms of ravens. Kylar approached Urwin about the possible existence of a weapon to defeat Strahd. Urwin was surprised by this, but proudly told him of a family heirloom called the Sunsword. Before he could be convinced to part with such a precious memento, he tasked The Gentlemen Bastards with securing his overdue shipment from The Wizard of Wines Winery. He explained that his father, Davian Martikov is the winery’s owner and operator. He admitted that he hates dealing with the crotchety old bastard, but has begun to worry about him.


Although crooked and old, Davian Martikov has not lost any of his wits and is the driving force behind the Martikov family’s attempt to rid the land of Strahd’s influence. He is the father of Urwin Martikov and owner of The Wizard of Wines Winery south of Krezk. His second son, two daughters, as well as their extended families, all were in hiding just outside the winery for fear of an evil presence that had captured the winery – a force of evil druids that worship the devil Strahd. Davian pleaded with the Gentlemen Bastards to rid the winery of this incursion, and to restore the flow of wine to both Krezk and Vallaki.
Once the party cleared the winery of invaders, Davian prepared the shipment meant for the Blue Water Inn. He also tasked the party with recovering the winery’s missing magic gems. He rightly believed that one had been taken by the druids of Yester Hill.

When the party delivered the wine to Urwin Martikov in Vallaki, he happily handed over the Sunsword.
After having a confrontation with Izek Strazni and the revelation that Urwin is secretly a wereraven, Urwin and Danika Martikov recognized that Vallaki is no longer safe, they set off for the family winery and leave the Blue Water Inn in the care of the Gentlemen Bastards.

The Gentleman Bastards have recovered two of the winery’s missing gems (one from the druids of Yester Hill and another from the hut of Baba Lysaga). The Martikov family has made it clear that the party is welcome any time. Each time they have visited the winery, the Gentleman Bastards are treated as heroes.

When he sensed they were in need, Davian Martikov offered to travel to Tsolenka Pass to aid the party in reaching the Amber Temple. Davian died trying to save Galinndan’s life in Chapter 14.

The Martikov Family

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