The Belview Family

Mongrelfolk of St. Markovia's Abbey


Alignment: varies


Galinndan briefly encountered the Belview family in the Abbey of St. Markovia. These creatures were apparently created by the Abbot in an effort to further his quest to create the perfect bride for Strahd.

Clovin Belview is a two-headed, master violinist. His right head combines the features of a patchy-haired man with those of a goat, complete with stubby horns. His left head is about half normal size and has a soft baby-face, partly covered with crocodilian hide. He oversees the other mongrelfolk, but has nothing but contempt for them.

Winston briefly met another of these mongrelfolk during his visit to Castle Ravenloft. This creature had panther ears and a duck’s foot and apparently works as both the jailer and cook at the castle.

In Chapter 12, Vasilka slew Clovin before freeing the rest of the Belview family. The mongrelfolk descended on the town of Krezk – with a ravenous hunger.

The Belview Family

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