The Abbot of St. Markovia

Killed (and eaten) by Vasilka in Chapter 12.


Alignment: Lawful Evil


Over 100 years ago, this nameless holy figure, whom others call the Abbot, was drawn to the abbey after Saint Markovia died by Strahd’s hand – perhaps seeking to restore the abbey after it fell to corruption.
He returned Galinndan to life, but at a cost – the wood elf must find a suitable wedding dress for Vasilka within seven days. The Abbot explains that for years he has been trying to create the perfect bride to offer Strahd, to end the vampire’s curse by relieving his pain and despair.
When Galinndan came through for him, the Abbot was very pleased. He set to the task of fitting the gown to Vasilka. He invited Galinndan to return in three days when he planned to offer the girl to Strahd.
When the day finally came, he presented Vasilka to Strahd as a gift. Disgusted, Strahd refused and came very close to striking the Abbot dead. When the dread lord left, the Abbot vented his anger on the innocent Vasilka, attacking her with a whip. Enraged, Vasilka turned on him, a meek and deferential slave no longer, she killed him and ate of his flesh.

The Abbot of St. Markovia

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