Sauron Alkinin

Killed by Winston in Chapter 15.


Alignment: Lawful Evil


Once a member of the Gentlemen Bastards, Sauron went rogue. He sought the eternal life offered by lichdom and the power to enslave the undead.
Through the dusk elf mage, Kasimir Velikov, Sauron learned of a place called the Amber Temple. This ancient repository of forbidden knowledge may have held all the answers he sought.
The Gentlemen Bastards confronted Sauron in the hidden library of the Amber Temple. Though he had gained much power, he had been corrupted by the influence of Drizlash, the Nine-Eyed Spider. When he couldn’t convince his former party that the crimes they begrudged him for paled in significance to the threat of Drizlash, he fought them.
He was executed by Winston.

Sauron Alkinin

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