Nit Snow

Passed away in Chapter 8.


Alignment: Neutral


The Gentlemen Bastards encountered this desperate man – calling himself Mr. Snow – on the road between Vallaki and Krezk. Kylar suspects that this man is Winston in some form. When pressed, he admitted to this.
Nit Snow (an anagram for Winston) claimed that when the party reaches the Amber Temple, Sauron will discover a great and terrible power. The other Gentlemen Bastards will fall to him and the other denizens of the temple, then Sauron will move on to the settlements of Barovia and amass an unstoppable undead army – a threat more destructive than Strahd could ever be.
Nit Snow passed away while attempting to scale the Tsolenka Pass in pursuit of the renegade necromancer Sauron.

Nit Snow

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