Mad Mage of Mount Baratok

Very powerful and undeniably insane wizard


Alignment: unknown


The Gentlemen Bastards encountered this wizard on the northern shore of Lake Zarovich. He had disguised himself in the form of an elk and threatened to sic his dog on them if they came any closer. They persisted and were nearly killed before allowing the Mad Mage to escape.
After fleeing a safe distance, he spoke to them using the magic mouth spell – having cast this on a nearby stump. The party soon realized that this wizard is the outlander that had tried to lead an uprising against Strahd last year – resulting in utter defeat and the deaths of Escher and Doru. The Mad Mage agreed to keep out of sight, a ruse Elyadra plans to deceive Lady Fiona Wachter with. The party vowed to return when they have the capability to cure him.
Grimm briefly encountered the Mad Mage after having been magically whisked away by the man. Grimm found himself trapped within the mage’s home. The confused mage claimed he had meant to catch Strahd in the trap and apologized that he only had battle spells prepared and couldn’t free Grimm right away. Without another word, the Mad Mage turned into an elk and left the room.

Mad Mage of Mount Baratok

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