Ireena Kolyana

Vampire spawn, bride of Strahd von Zarovich


Alignment: Lawful Good Unknown


Ireena was the adopted daughter of the burgomaster of Barovia. Strahd von Zarovich had a fascination with her and had bitten her twice.
Ireena and her brother Ismark hired The Gentlemen Bastards to help them flee the village of Barovia, but she insisted they help her see to the burial of her father.
When Strahd appeared to Ireena and The Gentlemen Bastards in the churchyard, she fell under the vampire’s charm and approached him against her will. Kylar interposed himself between them and defiantly challenged Strahd, but was also captured by the vampire’s enchanting gaze. Under Strahd’s domination, Kylar grabbed Ireena by the hair and tried to drag her through the cemetery gates. The charm broke when Strahd retreated to Castle Ravenloft in response to the mysterious explosion above. Afterward, rather than showing fear of Kylar, she expressed empathy for him – all too familiar with having her free will robbed of her by Strahd.
While Ireena was staying at The Blue Water Inn, she woke to find that Ismark had been killed and drained by a vampire. Moments later, the inn was attacked in force. When Ireena was being carried away by a vampire spawn, Grimm pursued them outside. He threw a fireball at the kidnapper, tragically killing Ireena by mistake.
Elyadra secured the means to return her to life only to betray her to Strahd as a gift to turn the dark lord’s gaze away from the Gentlemen Bastards. Ireena was abducted by Rahadin, taken to Castle Ravenloft.


In life, Ireena Kolyana courageously opposed Strahd and his machinations. After suffering his bite – which caused her very blood to call to him – she remained defiant against the overwhelming power of Strahd’s dark charisma. Through Elyadra’s treachery, Ireena became Strahd’s prisoner. Now the dark lord has satisfied his single greatest desire by turning her: granting her eternal undeath as his bride and queen.

Ireena Kolyana

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