Father Petrovich

Vampire spawn, seeking vengeance upon Kylar


Alignment: Lawful Good unknown


Father Lucian Petrovich oversaw the church and did his best to raise spirits. Father Petrovich led his nightly congregation in prayer and offered the promise of St. Andral’s protection. Assisting him was an orphan and altar boy named Yeska and a brawny lad with a perpetually furrowed brow named Milivoj, who tends the grounds and digs graves.
Father Petrovich shared the secret of St. Andral’s bones with Kylar.
On the night of the Festival of the Blazing Sun, Strahd attacked St. Andral’s church. Kylar watched as Strahd drank Father Petrovich’s blood, killing the priest.
The next night, the priest scratched his way out of his grave and made his way to the Blue Water Inn seeking Kylar. He blames the paladin for the theft of St. Andral’s bones and his subsequent death at Strahd’s hand. He vowed to return the following night.

Father Petrovich

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