Emil Toranescu

Werewolf, was held prisoner in Castle Ravenloft


Alignment: Neutral


Emil explained that he was chased by dire wolves to Castle Ravenloft. He pleaded for Winston to release him from his cell, offering to help Winston escape the castle in exchange.
In the heat of a battle, Emil revealed his his true form when he shifted into a werewolf.
When faced with the magical brazier beneath Castle Ravenloft, Emil stepped through the flames without hesitation, and was magically teleported somewhere else.
Emil found Kylar at the base of Mount Ghakis and did his best to nurse him back to health, but came to the conclusion that the only way to save him was to pass on the curse of lycanthropy. Emil recruited Kylar and the rest of the Gentlemen Bastards to help unite the divided werewolf pack. Emil’s sister, Zoe Toranescu, has become the packleader.
On Yester Hill, the spirit of a long dead barbarian king called to Emil and led him to the Bloodspear of Kavan.

Emil Toranescu

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