high elf rogue (arcane trickster)


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
(played by Dustin)


Elyadra has a darkness in her past and hundreds of years of experience, so the horrors of Barovia have not prevented her from accomplishing her goal – looting Barovia of anything that isn’t nailed down. And, she has a crowbar to get at those things, too.
She has come to make fast friends with Lady Fiona Wachter of Vallaki.
In Chapter 12, Elyadra was killed by Baba Lysaga’s finger of death spell, only to rise as enslaved zombie. After the Bastards defeated the witch, Grimm cast the spell revivify (from a scroll) to restore Elyadra to life.
Elyadra carries the moonsword, the sunsword, a longbow of elven make, and a robe of useful items in her possession.


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