Captain Hurst

Killed by Winston in Chapter 18.


Alignment: Chaotic Good Neutral Evil


Captain Hurst was the guildmaster and leader of the Gentlemen Bastards. Stoic and self-assured from years of experience serving in one military campaign after another, Captain Hurst expected nothing but the best from his crew, and rewarded them generously when they showed great courage or skill.
His pet pseudodragon, named Gorn, was fond of resting on his shoulder or wrapping around his arm. Gorn was often tasked with passing communications between Captain Hurst and his men and women in the field.
After giving the party orders to find a way out of this damned realm, Captain Hurst and the remaining Gentlemen Bastards remained behind – in the village of Barovia.
Winston discovered Captain Hurst’s body – riddled with bullet holes – during his visit to Castle Ravenloft, apparently killed by Strahd in retribution for Ireena’s death.
A few days later – risen as a vampire spawn – Hurst attacked the Gentlemen Bastards that had remained in Barovia village.

Captain Hurst

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