Lingering spirit of Strahd's ancient foe


Alignment: Lawful Good


Before even Strahd came to the valley now called Barovia, a silver dragon had come in the guise of a human nobleman. Argynvost didn’t lair here solely because of the valley’s idyllic beauty. He knew of a place called the Amber Temple – repository of evil power guarded by the forces of good. Argynvost wanted to make sure that whatever was trapped inside the Amber Temple wouldn’t be allowed to escape, so he built his fortified mansion, Argynvostholt, close by.
Like many silver dragons, Argynvost was extraordinarily wealthy, and he was comfortable living among humans while disguised as one of them. He used his resources to attract other champions of good, and valorous knights flocked to the valley to join Lord Argynvost’s prestigious order of the Silver Dragon. Only those who initiated into the order were told Lord Argynvost’s true nature.
When Strahd came to conquer the valley, the Order of the Silver Dragon drove away malefactors searching for the Amber Temple. It also sheltered the valley’s natives and proved more than a match for Strahd’s soldiers. But, the early victories of the order didn’t win the war. Even with Argynvost on their side, the knights were ultimately overwhelmed when Strahd’s reinforcements swept into the valley. Those forces slew the last of knights and battled the dragon inside Argynvostholt. After the dragon was slain, Strahd had its corpse hacked to pieces, stripped to the bone and transported to Castle Ravenloft as a trophy.
Since the dragon’s death, Argynvostholt has become a haunted ruin, a former bastion of nobility and light turned into a place of desolation and unrest.
The spirit of Argynvost isn’t at rest, either. It can sense that the undead knights have been corrupted. It revealed itself to the Gentlemen Bastards, hoping they will help the knights find peace. Argynvost has tasked them with recovering his remains from Castle Ravenloft, so that he may then light the mansion’s beacon. He hopes that this light will remind the order of what they have lost and enable them to let go of their hatred and find redemption and rest.


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