Zoe Toranescu

Werewolf packleader, bride of Kylar


Alignment: Neutral


Zoe Toranescu, sister of Emil, is a werewolf. When she defied her packleader, Cyril Stoyanovich, she caused a schism in the pack. This created a divide between Strahd’s lapdogs and the more free-thinking wolves. Until she would submit to Cyril’s dominance, she was stripped of her rank within the pack and her brother was imprisoned beneath Castle Ravenloft.
When Emil introduced the Gentlemen Bastards to Zoe, she implored them to help her defeat the vile Cyril so that she may unify the werewolves as the pack’s new leader. When the party effortlessly laid waste to Cyril and his supporters, she watched in amazement as Kylar (a freshly-turned lycanthrope) savagely beheaded Cyril and ate of his flesh. Kylar brought the head of her vanquished foe before her. When she asked if he would kneel to her and accept as packleader, he said that he would and asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted by kissing him before the shrine of Mother Night, where the blood of her hated foe passed from his lips to hers.

Zoe Toranescu

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