The Barovian People

The native people of this cursed land


Alignment: varies


Barovians are deeply invested in their homes and their traditions. They are wary of strange peoples and customs. The way Barovians deal with strangers can be unsettling to newcomers. Barovians have a tendency to stare openly, in silence, thereby expressing their disapproval of anything that isn’t familiar to them.
Barovians have deep-rooted religious beliefs and superstitions that they pass down from one generation to the next.
Native Barovians have been terrorized for centuries by the one they call the devil Strahd.
“Aside from you outlanders, there are two types of people in Barovia. Souls and shells.” Lady Krezkov explained that the curse on this land traps the souls of the dead here, forbidding them from reaching the afterlife. These souls haunt Barovia until they can be born into a child. “We are old souls. But, not all Barovians are born with a soul. The shells live among us and can contribute just as well to society, but they lack most emotions and find no love or joy in life.”

The Barovian People

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