Sasha Ivliskova

Found dead in Chapter 15.


Alignment: Neutral


Gallindan met this strange woman in Vallaki. She wears a wolf’s head talisman, carries vampire-slaying weaponry, and clearly has no fear of the devil Strahd. She has vowed to destroy him for what he did to her.
Sasha helped the Gentlemen Bastards liberate the Wizard of Wines Winery in Chapter 4. She grieved over Gallindan‘s death more than any other. She set out on her own, taking the body to The Abbot of St. Markovia in Krezk who was able to return the elf to life.
That night, she came to Galinndan’s room at the inn. Sasha stood over him with blood on her mouth and chin, and terror in her eyes. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself – the hunger. I’m so sorry, you must protect me from the others.” He saw the fangs in her mouth, revealing herself to be a vampire spawn. Before he could ask any questions, he heard a scream coming from down the hall – from the room that Ireena and Ismark shared.
Sasha fought alongside the Gentlemen Bastards during the attack on the Blue Water Inn. After the destruction of Strahd’s body, Sasha immediately left the inn for Castle Ravenloft. She explained that it wasn’t over yet, she now had to go to his resting place and destroy him before his body could be reformed.
When the Gentlemen Bastards arrived at Castle Ravenloft over a week later, they found Sasha crucified in the center of the barbarians’ camp. She had been dead for days.

Sasha Ivliskova

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