Rictavio (Rudolph van Richten)

Killed by berserkers of Yester Hill in Chapter 9.


Alignment: Lawful Good


Winston and Grimm met this man posing as a traveling carnival ringmaster in the Blue Water Inn of Vallaki. He made a show of being interested in hiring Grimm for his carnival’s sideshow and invited the two of them to his room. There he revealed that the ringmaster persona is a cover, that he has come to Barovia to destroy Strahd. He offered to help The Gentlemen Bastards in anyway that he could, but warned them of a curse that prevents him from helping them directly. Winston read to him the cryptic messages Madam Eva had gleaned from her cards. Rictavio proved very useful by translating half of them and promised to commit his time to research the others.
Rictavio fought alongside the Gentlemen Bastards during the attack on the Blue Water Inn. After the deaths of Kylar, Ismark and Ireena, Rictavio provided a scroll of resurrection to Winston, who was forced to decide which person to bring back.
Having made their decision, Rictavio performed the ritual to bring Kylar back to life. When the Gentlemen Bastards left Vallaki to head west, Rictavio saw to the burials of Ismark and Ireena Kolyanovich.
Rictavio joined Winston and Kylar on their journey to the Amber Temple. Rictavio held the barbarians back, shouting for Winston to flee. For his true name is Rudolph Van Richten, the legendary monster-hunter. Winston hesitated, recognizing that they are outnumbered but refused to leave the old man to die. When Van Richten fell, Winston threw a handful of his dust of disappearance, turning the two of them invisible. In the confusion, the barbarians swing wildly, while Winston dragged Van Richten’s body to safety. By the time he could get them to relative safety, he discovered Van Richten had expired in his arms. Winston took the man’s hat, ring and cane-sword and buried him in the snow of Mount Ghakis.
Later that day, when he inspected Van Richten’s effects, Winston discovered the man’s soul lives on – trapped inside his ring.

Rictavio (Rudolph van Richten)

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