Lady Fiona Wachter

Died in a freak accident in Chapter 17.


Alignment: Lawful Evil


Fiona Wachter is a loyal servant of Strahd. She seeks to supplant Baron Vallakovich as the town burgomaster, but knows that the baron won’t give up his birthright without a fight.
Elyadra met Lady Wachter, in Chapter 4. The two found a common enemy in the burgomaster. Elyadra learned that Lady Wachter was the one who had ordered the stealing of St. Andral’s bones. She also learned that Lady Wachter is a devout servant of Strahd, whom she sees more as a negligent landlord than a tyrant.
When Lady Wachter learned that Elyadra had poisoned the burgomaster, she rewarded her with a pair of magical earrings. Lady Wachter also offered two pieces of advice. First, that one who she believes to be an enemy of Strahd had been seen in the woods north of Lake Zarovich and she would pay to see the man dead. Second, that Elyadra would be wise to avoid St. Andral’s Church on the night of the festival.
After learning of the appearance of a wereraven in Vallaki, Lady Wachter tells Elyadra to report future sightings to her. She explains that they are members of the Order of Feather – enemies of Strahd.
Lady Wachter was a guest in Castle Ravenloft at the time the Gentlemen Bastards had been summoned their.
Lady Wachter died in a freak accident involving a grappling hook.

Lady Fiona Wachter

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