Kylar De'Deermote

human paladin (oath of vengeance)


Alignment: Neutral
(played by Justin)


With all the brashness and passion that is often associated with his race, Kylar has made quite a mark on Barovia.
While he has made a favorable impression on many Barovians; such as Ireena Kolyana, the Martikov family and Emil and Zoe Toranescu – he has openly opposed Strahd and has unjustly earned the ire of the risen Father Petrovich.
Kylar has contracted werewolf lycanthropy.
With his daughter finally safe, and Strahd’s demise so near at hand; Kylar has his sights set on the future. He aspires to form the Order of the Silver Wolf.
Kylar has a javelin of lightning and once carried the sunsword in his possession.

Kylar De'Deermote

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