Ismark Kolyanovich

Killed by Sasha in Chapter 5.


Alignment: Lawful Good


Known as “Ismark the lesser” in some circles, he was the son of the burgomaster of Barovia. This atypcially kind and warm Barovian was the brother of Ireena Kolyana and was on a mission to protect his sister from Strahd. Ismark had lost both his lover and his father to Strahd and though he harbored fear of the dark lord, this was outweighed by his hatred for Strahd.
He hired The Gentlemen Bastards to escort them to Vallaki. After witnessing Sauron kill Father Donavich, Ismark began to distrust The Gentlemen Bastards and made it clear that upon reaching Vallaki he and Ireena would be parting ways with the party.
When The Gentlemen Bastards delivered Ismark and Ireena to Vallaki, Ismark immediately had an audience with Baron Vargas Vallakovich, the burgomaster of Vallaki.
Ismark was killed in his sleep by Sasha, who had succumbed to vampiric bloodthirst in Chapter 5.

Ismark Kolyanovich

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