Strahd vs. The Gentlemen Bastards

Adventure Log:

The Gentlemen Bastards are currently undertaking the following quests:

When the Gentlemen Bastards destroyed Strahd's body, it transformed into a blood-red mist and fled through Castle Ravenloft, but they lost track of it in the catacombs. They now race against time to vanquish him for good before he can be fully reformed. 

Mary has begged Kylar to bring her missing daughter home.

Gadof Blinsky has asked the Gentlemen Bastards to recover the "clockwork man", the masterpiece of legendary toymaker Fritz von Weerg, from Castle Ravenloft.

The spirit of Argynvost, founder of the Order of the Silver Dragon, has tasked the Gentlemen Bastards with recovering his remains from Castle Ravenloft. 

Madam Eva gave the Gentlemen Bastards crucial advice on how to defeat Strahd von Zarovich in the form of a Tarokka reading. See it here.

Check out the wiki page to read more.

Work Orders:

The Vallakian tailor has finished crafting a parachute for  Winston.


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